1.3 Overview

This protocol allows the user or an agent who is acting on behalf of the user to associate a reminder with a given Message object with the intention that a client will somehow signal the user or agent when the signal time is reached.

The client creates, modifies, or removes reminders by setting reminder properties on Message objects, as specified in section 3.1.4. The client can specify such things as when to signal a reminder, the due time for the Message object about which the user is to be reminded, whether to play a sound when the reminder is signaled, which sound to play, and whether the reminder is enabled. On a Draft Message object, reminders for the recipient or recipients can be specified independently from those for the sender. For example, a user might have a recurring appointment but might want to remove the reminder for a particular instance of the appointment. For examples of how a client sets the properties on a Message object such as an appointment, see section 4.

The client processes overdue reminders as specified in section Before signaling an overdue reminder, the client is responsible for determining which reminders to ignore and which to automatically dismiss.

The client can dismiss or snooze overdue reminders as specified in section and section