Generating a DAM

A server MUST generate a DAM when a rule (2) condition evaluates to "TRUE" but the server cannot perform the actions (2) specified in the rule (2). When the server generates DAMs for a message, the server MUST set the value of the PidTagHasDeferredActionMessages property (section on the message to "TRUE".

The server MUST generate the DAM in the following manner:

  • Create a new message (DAM) in the DAF.

  • Set the property values on the DAM as specified in section 2.2.6.

  • Save the DAM.

The server can pack information about more than one "OP_DEFER_ACTION" actions (2), as specified in section, for any given message into one DAM. The server SHOULD do this when there are more than one "OP_DEFER_ACTION" actions (2) that belong to the same rule provider. The server MUST generate separate DAMs for "OP_DEFER_ACTION" actions (2) that belong to separate rule providers.