First Byte

The first byte is 0x03, and the current value of the CRC field, as described in section, is 0x00000000, so the tablePosition field is computed as follows.

 tablePosition= (0x00000000 XOR 0x03) BITWISE-AND 0xff
 = 0x00000003

This is used to index into the crcTableValue field, getting a table value of the following.

 tableValue= 0x990951ba

The intermediateValue field is computed as follows.

 intermediateValue= 0x00000000 RIGHTSHIFTED by 8 bits
 = 0x00000000

The CRC field that incorporates this initial byte is now as follows.

 CRC= 0x990951ba XOR 0x00000000
 = 0x990951ba