Type: EMAIL

RFC reference: [RFC2425] section 3.3.2.

vCard data format: EMAIL;TYPE=[Type]:[Email]

Brief description: Email address of the object described by this vCard in either SMTP or X.400 format.

Importing to Contact Objects

The contents of one to three EMAIL types are imported into Contact object properties depending on the TYPE parameter that is specified. The EMAIL type is imported as shown in the following table.

TYPE parameter value

Contact object properties

internet (or no TYPE parameter value specified)

PidLidEmail1EmailAddress [MS-OXOCNTC] section



Any additional EMAIL types are ignored.


PidLidInstantMessagingAddress [MS-OXOCNTC] section

Exported as X-MS-IMADDRESS as specified in section


PidTagTelexNumber ([MS-OXOABK] section

If multiple TYPE parameter values are set on an EMAIL type, the first recognized TYPE parameter value is used. If no TYPE parameter value is recognized, "internet" is used.

Exporting from Contact Objects

The PidLidEmail1EmailAddress, PidLidEmail2EmailAddress, and PidLidEmail3EmailAddress properties are exported to the vCard.

The PidLidInstantMessagingAddress property is exported as an X-MS-IMADDRESS type.