text of type DOMString

Represents the text content of the node or the concatenated text representing the node and its descendants.

The text attribute is read/write. When concatenated, the text represents the contents of text or CDATA nodes. All concatenated text nodes are normalized according to xml:space attributes and the value of the preserveWhiteSpace switch. Concatenated CDATA text is not normalized. (Child nodes that contain NODE_COMMENT and NODE_PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION nodes are not concatenated.) The text attribute trims the whitespace on the edges of the result, and "normalizes" \r\n => \n, but otherwise just concatenates text.

Retrieves and sets the string representing the text contents of this node or the concatenated text representing this node and its descendants.

For more precise control over text manipulation in an XML document, use the lower-level nodeValue property, which returns the raw text associated with a NODE_TEXT node.