VBArray.prototype.getItem ( dim1 [, dim2, [dim3, …]])

1. Call ToObject, passing the this value as the argument.

2. If Result(1) is not a VBArray instance, throw a TypeError exception.

3. Get the value of the [[SArray]] property of Result(1).

4. If no arguments were passed to this call, or if the number of arguments passed is greater than Result(3), throw a RangeError exception.

5. For each argument dim1 through dimN, let IdimX be ToInteger(dimX) where X is the numeric suffix of the argument name.

6. For each of Idim1 through IdimN, if IdimX is less than the lower bound of dimension X of the COM SAFEARRAY referenced by Result(3), or if IdimX is greater than the upper bound of dimension X, throw a RangeError exception.

7. Return the value of the element identified by array indices Idim1 through IdimN in the COM SAFEARRAY referenced by Result(3).

The length property of the getItem function is 1.