2.1.125 [ECMA-262/6] Section Map ( [ iterable ] )

V0092: The Map constructor ignores the iterable parameter

The specification states: Map ( [ iterable ] )
     When the Map function is called with optional argument the following steps are taken:
         1.  If NewTarget is undefined, throw a TypeError exception.
         2.  Let map be OrdinaryCreateFromConstructor(NewTarget, "%MapPrototype%", 
             «‍[[MapData]]» ).
         3.  ReturnIfAbrupt(map).
         4.  Set map’s [[MapData]] internal slot to a new empty List.
         5.  If iterable is not present, let iterable be undefined.
         6.  If iterable is either undefined or null, let iter be undefined.
         9.  Repeat
             a. Let next be IteratorStep(iter).
             l. If status is an abrupt completion, return IteratorClose(iter, status).

IE11 Mode (All versions)

The Map constructor ignores the iterable parameter; it replaces steps 5 to 9 with:

    5.  return map