2.1.136 [ECMA-262/6] Section 25.4.3 The Promise Constructor

V0104: The Promise constructor is not implemented

The specification states:

 25.4.3 The Promise Constructor
     The Promise constructor is the %Promise% intrinsic object and the initial value of 
     the Promise property of the global object. When called as a constructor it creates 
     and initializes a new Promise object. Promise is not intended to be called as a 
     function and will throw an exception when called in that manner.
     The Promise constructor is designed to be subclassable. It may be used as the value 
     in an extends clause of a class definition. Subclass constructors that intend to 
     inherit the specified Promise behaviour must include a super call to the Promise 
     constructor to create and initialize the subclass instance with the internal state 
     necessary to support the Promise and Promise.prototype built-in methods.

IE11 Mode (All versions)

The Promise constructor is not implemented.