2.1.2 [ECMA-402/2] Section 11.1.1 InitializeNumberFormat (numberFormat, locales, options)

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The specification states:

 11.1.1 InitializeNumberFormat (numberFormat, locales, options)
     The abstract operation InitializeNumberFormat accepts the arguments numberFormat 
     (which must be an object), locales, and options. It initializes numberFormat as a 
     NumberFormat object.
     The following steps are taken:
         16. Let s be GetOption(options, "style", "string", « "decimal", "percent", 
             "currency"», "decimal").
         17. ReturnIfAbrupt(s).
         18. Set numberFormat.[[style]] to s.
         19. Let c be GetOption(options, "currency", "string", undefined, undefined).
         20. ReturnIfAbrupt(c).
         21. If c is not undefined, then
              a. If the result of IsWellFormedCurrencyCode(c), is false, then throw a 
              RangeError exception.
         22. If s is "currency" and c is undefined, throw a TypeError exception.
         23. If s is "currency", then
              a. Let c be converting c to upper case as specified in 6.1.
              b. Set numberFormat.[[currency]] to c.
              c. Let cDigits be CurrencyDigits(c)
         24. Let cd be GetOption(options, "currencyDisplay", "string", «"code", "symbol", 
             "name"», "symbol").
         25. ReturnIfAbrupt(cd).
         26. If s is "currency", set numberFormat.[[currencyDisplay]] to cd.
         27. Let mnid be GetNumberOption(options, "minimumIntegerDigits", 1, 21, 1).
         28. ReturnIfAbrupt(mnid).
         29. Set numberFormat.[[minimumIntegerDigits]] to mnid.
         30. If s is "currency", let mnfdDefault be cDigits; else let mnfdDefault be 0.
         31. Let mnfd be GetNumberOption(options, "minimumFractionDigits", 0, 20, 
         32. ReturnIfAbrupt(mnfd).
         33. Set numberFormat.[[minimumFractionDigits]] to mnfd.
         34. If s is "currency", let mxfdDefault be max(mnfd, cDigits); else if s is 
             "percent", let mxfdDefault be max(mnfd, 0); else let mxfdDefault be max(mnfd, 

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