The HTMLIFrameElement interface creates inline floating frames.

The HTMLIFrameElement interface has been extended with the following attributes:

  • contentWindow

  • allowTransparency

  • border

  • dataFld

  • dataFormatAs (Not supported by this element.)

  • dataSrc

  • frameSpacing

  • hspace

  • noResize

  • vspace

     //Introduced in Internet Explorer.
     interface HTMLIFrameElement : HTMLElement {
                 attribute Window          contentWindow;
                 attribute boolean         allowTransparency
                 attribute DOMString       border;
                 attribute DOMString       dataFld;
                 attribute DOMString       dataFormatAs;
                 attribute DOMString       dataSrc;
                 attribute DOMString       frameSpacing;
                 attribute long            hspace;
                 attribute boolean         noResize;
                 attribute long            vspace;