2.1.122 [W3C-HTML52] Section 10.4.3. Attributes for embedded content and images

V0358: Default styles are not defined for align attributes on replaced elements

The specification states:

 10.4.3 Attributes for embedded content and images
     iframe[frameborder=0], iframe[frameborder=no i] { border: none; }
     applet[align=left i], embed[align=left i], iframe[align=left i],
     img[align=left i], input[type=image i][align=left i], object[align=left i] {
         float: left;
     applet[align=right i], embed[align=right i], iframe[align=right i],
     img[align=right i], input[type=image i][align=right i], object[align=right i] {
         float: right;
     applet[align=top i], embed[align=top i], iframe[align=top i],
     img[align=top i], input[type=image i][align=top i], object[align=top i] {
         vertical-align: top;
     applet[align=baseline i], embed[align=baseline i], iframe[align=baseline i],
     img[align=baseline i], input[type=image i][align=baseline i], object[align=baseline 
     i] {
         vertical-align: baseline;
     applet[align=texttop i], embed[align=texttop i], iframe[align=texttop i],
     img[align=texttop i], input[type=image i][align=texttop i], object[align=texttop i] {
         vertical-align: text-top;
     applet[align=absmiddle i], embed[align=absmiddle i], iframe[align=absmiddle i],
     img[align=absmiddle i], input[type=image i][align=absmiddle i], 
     object[align=absmiddle i],
     applet[align=abscenter i], embed[align=abscenter i], iframe[align=abscenter i],
     img[align=abscenter i], input[type=image i][align=abscenter i], 
     object[align=abscenter i] {
         vertical-align: middle;
     applet[align=bottom i], embed[align=bottom i], iframe[align=bottom i],
     img[align=bottom i], input[type=image i][align=bottom i],
     object[align=bottom i] {
         vertical-align: bottom;

EdgeHTML Mode

Default styles are not defined for align attributes on replaced elements.