2.1.3 [P3P1.0:2002] Section, Error handling for policy reference file and policy lifetimes


The specification states:

 The following situations have their semantics specifically defined:
 1.An absolute expiry date in the past renders the policy reference file (or 
 policies) useless, as does an invalid or malformed expiry date, whether relative or 
 absolute. In this case, user agents MUST act as if NO policy reference file (or 
 policies) is available. See section 2.4.7 "Absence of Policy Reference File" for 
 the required procedure in such cases.
 2.A relative expiration time shorter than 86400 seconds (1 day) is considered to be 
 equal to 86400 seconds.
 3.When a policy reference file contains more than one EXPIRY element, the first one 
 takes precedence for determining the lifetime of the policy reference file.

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Malformed relative expiration dates in policy reference files are treated as valid.