2.1.1 [P3P1.0:2002] Section, Wildcards in policy reference files


The specification states:

 URIs represented in policy reference files MUST be properly escaped, as described 
 in [URI], except:
 Literal '*'s in URIs MUST be escaped in policy reference files (i.e., they MUST be 
 represented as "%2A"). Any '*' present in a URI within a policy reference file will 
 be taken as representing the asterisk wildcard character.
 Consequently, P3P user agents MUST properly un-escape a URI given in a policy 
 reference file, according to [URI], before trying to match it against an internally 
 represented URI, but only after recognizing any literal '*' present as the asterisk 
 wildcard character.

All Document Modes (All Versions)

The %2A character reference is not unescaped before matching. For example, "/p3ptest/%2A*" will not match "/p3ptest/**".