3.2.1 Physical Line Grammar

 module-body-physical-structure = *source-line [non-terminated-line]  
 source-line = *non-line-termination-character line-terminator 
 non-terminated-line = *non-line-termination-character 
 line-terminator = (%x000D  %x000A) / %x000D / %x000A / %x2028 / %x2029 
 non-line-termination-character = <any character other than %x000D / %x000A / %x2028 / %x2029> 

An implementation MAY limit the number of characters allowed in a physical line. The meaning of a module that contains any physical lines that exceed such an implementation limit is undefined by this specification. If a <module-body-physical-structure> concludes with a <non-terminated-line> then an implementation MAY treat the module as if the <non-terminated-line> was immediately followed by a <line-terminator>.

For the purposes of interpretation as VBA program text, a module body (section 4.2) is viewed as a set of logical lines each of which can correspond to multiple physical lines. This structure is described by the Logical Line Grammar. The terminal symbols of this grammar are Unicode character codepoints.