This structure is specified by the following ASN.1 ([ITUX680-1994]) notation.

 SpcSpOpusInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
     programName        [0] EXPLICIT SpcString OPTIONAL,
     moreInfo           [1] EXPLICIT SpcLink OPTIONAL

The programName field MUST be set to a SpcString structure (section The value of the string contained in this structure specifies the description of the project for which the signature was created. The unicode field within the SpcString programName SHOULD have a value that is a 0 length BMPSTRING ([ITUX680-1994] section 34.12). A value other than an empty string MAY<11> be provided.

The moreInfo field MUST be set to a SpcLink structure (section if present. If present the value of the url field within the SpcLink structure specifies a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to associate with the signature.<12>