put web struct

This method is used to update the web structure and element identification for the documents that make up that structure on the server.<44>


service_name: This parameter is deprecated. See service_name in section

changes: The changes parameter is a VECTOR-STRUCTURE-MODIFICATION (section that contains a list of the web structure elements to be changed in the site. The server MUST apply the changes to its copy of the web navigation structure to the nodes with matching ELEMENT-IDs (section and perform fixup on the web navigation links in all documents that are affected by the change.

validateWelcomeNames: For semantics, see validateWelcomeNames in section

Entry Point


Return Values

failedMod: A STRUCTURE-MODIFICATION that contains the first VECTOR-STRUCTURE-MODIFICATION element in the changes parameter that failed to update the navigation structure. This value MUST only be returned if a web structure modification failed. If this value is returned, the server MUST also return a STATUS (section with the error caused by the failure.

elements: A VECTOR-STRUCTURE-ELEMENT (section that contains a list of the STRUCTURE-ELEMENT data for each successfully changed node in the web structure. This value MUST only be returned if no web structure modification failed and there are changed nodes in the web structure.

docs: A VECTOR-DOCINFO (section that specifies the service-relative URLs and metadata of the documents that were updated by the changes to the web structure. The server MUST return this value with a (potentially empty) list of documents that were updated.