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File, Service

The vti_title metakey is the user-readable title of a document or site.

The server SHOULD maintain this key for a site as a user-readable description of the site. The client MAY use this string to refer to the site when presenting information to a user.

The server SHOULD maintain this key for documents. If the document is an HTML document on the server, the server SHOULD parse the document for the content of a TITLE element tag, and MAY cache this value for return to the client. The client MAY update this metakey for HTML documents and the server SHOULD rewrite the document with an updated TITLE element.

For file streams that the server is unable to parse, the server SHOULD accept a client-supplied metakey value and return it on client request.

The client SHOULD use this metakey value where the title of the document is to be displayed to the user.

Following is an example:

 [vti_title;SR|Trey Research]