Request Body

The SharedDataBaseInfo (section and PagingInfo (section objects in Request Body determine which records are fetched from a Source (section 3.1.1), which is specified by the SelectCommand element of the SharedDataBaseInfo. The following ABNF references types specified by section 2.2.

 GetDataRequest = dataBaseInfo-member pagingInfo-member
 dataBaseInfo-member = json-quotation-mark "dataBaseInfo" json-quotation-mark json-name-separator SharedDataBaseInfo
 pagingInfo-member = json-quotation-mark "pagingInfo" json-quotation-mark json-name-separator PagingInfo

dataBaseInfo: A SharedDataBaseInfo (section that specifies the Source, the fields  from this Source, the sort order and restriction criteria of the records that are retrieved from the database application.

pagingInfo: A PagingInfo (section that specifies which records are retrieved from the database application. MUST be present.