The ConditionalScopeType complex type specifies a CSOM action that evaluates a conditional expression that does not have any input parameters. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, it executes an ordered list of CSOM actions for either the "true" or "false" case, if a list of such actions is present.

If the CSOM action executes successfully, the protocol server MUST append the CSOM action identifier and a ConditionalScopeResponse JSON value, as specified in section, to the JSON response structure, as specified in section, before it executes the ordered list of CSOM actions specified inside the IfTrueScope or IfFalseScope element.

If the CSOM action fails and the exception is not handled by ExceptionHandlingScopeSimpleType, as specified in section, or ExceptionHandlingScopeType, as specified in section, the protocol server MUST set the exception information in the ErrorInfo member of the Response Header JSON Value, as specified in section