The ExceptionHandlingScopeSimpleType complex type specifies a CSOM action that attempts to execute an ordered list of CSOM actions.

If an unhandled exception does not occur, all of the CSOM actions in the list are executed.

If an unhandled exception occurs while executing a CSOM action in the list, the protocol server MUST catch the exception and MUST NOT execute any of the remaining CSOM actions in the list.

If this CSOM action executes successfully, even if the protocol catches the exception while executing the CSOM action list, the protocol server MUST append the CSOM action identifier of this CSOM action and an ExceptionHandlingScopeSimpleResponse JSON value, as specified in section, to the JSON response structure, as specified in section, after executing the CSOM actions specified inside this CSOM action.

If this CSOM action fails and the exception is not handled by an outer ExceptionHandlingScopeSimpleType, as specified in section, or ExceptionHandlingScopeType, as specified in section, the protocol server MUST set the exception information in the ErrorInfo member of the Response Header JSON Value, as specified in section