This method is a static CSOM method.

Return Type: CSOM array of Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Sharing.UserSharingResult

This method allows a user to update a site's sharing information.


web: The site (2) to update the sharing information.

Type: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Web

userRoleAssignments: A list of recipients and their new assigned roles on the securable object.

Type: CSOM array of Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Sharing.UserRoleAssignment

sendServerManagedNotification: A Boolean to tell the server to generate an email notification if an email server is configured on the server.

Type: CSOM Boolean

customMessage: A custom message to be included in the email notification.

Type: CSOM String

additivePermission: A Boolean indicating whether the permission setting uses the additive or strict mode.

Type: CSOM Boolean

allowExternalSharing: A Boolean to indicate whether to support external sharing.

Type: CSOM Boolean