This method is a static CSOM method.

Return Type: CSOM String

Retrieves the value for a named resource string from the resource file for a specified language. If a value cannot be found in the requested language, the value for the invariant language is returned. If a resource file for the invariant language does not exist or the specified resource name does not exist, the source string is returned without localization.


source: Specifies the resource in the form $Resources:key, where key is the name half of a name/value pair in a resource file.

Type: CSOM String

defaultResourceFile: Specifies the base file name of the language resource file containing a localized string value. For example, if there are a series of resource files named myresources.en-us.resx, myresources.es-es.resx, myresources.de-de.resx, and so on, the value to pass in this parameter is myresources.

Type: CSOM String

language: Specifies the LCID of the target language. The value MUST be a valid language code identifier (LCID).

Type: CSOM Int32