Criteria applied in a custom filter.

 <s:complexType name="Criteria">
   <s:attribute name="Type" type="enmAutoFilterCriteriaOperationType" default="EQ" use="optional" />
   <s:attribute name="Relation" type="enmAutoFilterCriteriaRelationOperator" default="Nil" use="optional" />
   <s:attribute name="value" use="required">
     <s:restriction base="s:string">
     <s:maxLength value="250" />

Type: Specifies the comparison operator applied between cell contents and the value attribute during filtering.

Relation: If there are two criteria in the custom filter, the logical operator is applied between them. If the parent Item element (section has two criteria elements, this attribute MUST be set on the first criteria element in the Item. This attribute MUST NOT be present on the last criteria element in the parent Item.

value: The value that is used with the relational operator defined in the Type attribute for filtering.