GetVersions Subrequest

This operation is used to retrieve information about a file’s versions<57>.

The protocol client MUST send the GetVersions SubRequest message only if the X-MSFSSHTTP header, as described in [MS-OCPROTO] section, has a value of 1.1 or greater. The protocol client sends a GetVersions SubRequest message, which is of type GetVersionsSubRequestType as specified in section The protocol server responds with a GetVersions SubResponse message, which is of type GetVersionsSubResponseType as specified in section This is done as follows:

  • The protocol client prepares a request containing a URL for the file, a unique request token, and one or more SubRequest elements, as defined in section and section The SubRequest element is of type "GetVersions".

  • The protocol server receives the request and parses the logic to request information about a file’s versions. The requested file version data is prepared as a response and sent back to the protocol client.

The Response element is defined in section, and the SubResponse element is defined in section The Results element, as specified in [MS-VERSS] section, is a complex type that specifies information about the file’s versions.

The protocol returns results based on the following conditions:

  • If the processing of the GetVersions subrequest by the protocol server failed to get the requested versions information or encountered an unknown exception, the protocol server returns an error code value set to "SubRequestFail".

  • Otherwise, the protocol server sets the error code value to "Success" to indicate success in processing the GetVersions subrequest.