3.1.2 Complex Form Template

The following example describes a slightly more complex form template (.xsn) file than the one contained in the previous section.


  • manifest.xsf

  • myschema.xsd

  • template.xml

  • sampledata.xml

  • view1.xsl

  • view2.xsl

  • IPTemplate_bkgd.gif

  • 741C3E77.gif

  • upgrade.xsl

  • 70482F6B.gif

The following file list includes more than just the minimum for a form template (.xsn) file:

  • The manifest.xsf file is the first file in the cabinet (.cab) file, and within it lists the other files in the form template (.xsn) file. myschema.xsd, template.xml and sampledata.xml are also all present as required.

  • This form uses two view.xsl files to represent the form: view1.xsl and view2.xsl.

  • There is an upgrade.xsl file, which is used by the form server to upgrade older form files to the newest XML schema.

  • There are three resource files: IPTemplate_bkgd.gif, 741C3E77.gif, and 70482F6B.gif. These images are used when displaying the form (1).