The ContentTypePropertyDefinition complex type specifies properties to be set on the content type.

 <s:complexType name="ContentTypePropertyDefinition">
   <s:sequence />
   <s:attribute name="Description" type="s:string" use="optional" />
   <s:attribute name="DocumentTemplate" type="s:string" use="optional" />
   <s:attribute name="Group" type="s:string" use="optional" />
   <s:attribute name="Title" type="s:string" use="optional" />
   <s:attribute name="NewDocumentControl" type="s:string" use="optional" />
   <s:attribute name="RequireClientRenderingOnNew" 
                type="s:string" use="optional" />

ContentTypePropertyDefinition.Description: The description of the content type.

ContentTypePropertyDefinition.DocumentTemplate: Specifies the document template content type.

ContentTypePropertyDefinition.Group: The name of the content type group in which this content type is contained.

ContentTypePropertyDefinition.NewDocumentControl: Identifies the ActiveX object used for creating a new item.

ContentTypePropertyDefinition.RequireClientRenderingOnNew: Specifies whether the browser uses the ActiveX object for creating a new item. "TRUE" MUST correspond to True, and all other values to False.

ContentTypePropertyDefinition.Title: The name of the content type.