The SaveTemporaryStrategyMapReport operation stores a temporary copy of a report view to the server. See SaveTemporaryAnalyticReport in [MS-PPSAS] section

 <wsdl:operation name="SaveTemporaryStrategyMapReport" xmlns:wsdl="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/">
   <wsdl:input wsam:Action="http://www.microsoft.com/performancepoint/scorecards/IBIMonitoringServiceApplication/SaveTemporaryStrategyMapReport" message="tns:IBIMonitoringServiceApplication_SaveTemporaryStrategyMapReport_InputMessage" xmlns:wsam="http://www.w3.org/2007/05/addressing/metadata"/>
   <wsdl:output wsam:Action="http://www.microsoft.com/performancepoint/scorecards/IBIMonitoringServiceApplication/SaveTemporaryStrategyMapReportResponse" message="tns:IBIMonitoringServiceApplication_SaveTemporaryStrategyMapReport_OutputMessage" xmlns:wsam="http://www.w3.org/2007/05/addressing/metadata"/>
   <wsdl:fault wsam:Action="http://www.microsoft.com/performancepoint/scorecards/IBIMonitoringServiceApplication/SaveTemporaryStrategyMapReportBpmExceptionFault" name="BpmExceptionFault" message="tns:IBIMonitoringServiceApplication_SaveTemporaryStrategyMapReport_BpmExceptionFault_FaultMessage" xmlns:wsam="http://www.w3.org/2007/05/addressing/metadata"/>

The protocol client sends an IBIMonitoringServiceApplication_SaveTemporaryStrategyMapReport_InputMessage request message (section and the server responds with an IBIMonitoringServiceApplication_SaveTemporaryStrategyMapReport_OutputMessage response message (section as follows:

  • The protocol client MUST send a ReportView complex type, as specified in [MS-PPSAS] section

  • If the server contains a ReportView where all attributes and elements, except Location, equal those of the passed in ReportView, the server MUST return the GUID of the ReportView on the server. The GUID MUST be equal to the RepositoryLocation ItemGuid GUID ([MS-PPSAS] section The stored ReportView MUST NOT be altered.

  • If the server does not contain a ReportView where all attributes and elements, except Location, equal those of the passed in ReportView, the server MUST store a copy of the ReportView and MUST return a unique GUID for it. The server MUST replace the Location element for the stored copy with a Location element that points to the stored copy. The Location element MUST conform to the schema of the RepositoryLocation complex type ([MS-PPSAS] section, such that the ItemType attribute equals TempReportView, as specified in the FirstClassObjectType simple type ([MS-PPSAS] section, and the ItemGuid attribute equals the returned GUID.





The report view is invalid.

In case of any other failure, the ErrorCode MUST be one of the values specified in section For a detailed specification of how exceptions are reported by the protocol server, see section