This operation is used by the protocol client to retrieve information from the protocol server about all best bets for a given keyword consumer.

 <wsdl:operation name="GetBestBetsInfo">
   <wsdl:input wsam:Action="http://tempuri.org/ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication/GetBestBetsInfo" message="tns:ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication_GetBestBetsInfo_InputMessage"/>
   <wsdl:output wsam:Action="http://tempuri.org/ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication/GetBestBetsInfoResponse" message="tns:ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication_GetBestBetsInfo_OutputMessage"/>

The protocol client sends an ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication_GetBestBetsInfo_InputMessage request message and the protocol server responds with an ISearchSiteAdministrationServiceApplication_GetBestBetsInfo_OutputMessage response message, as follows:

  • The protocol client MUST specify the filter which the returned best bets conform to and the unique identifier of the keyword consumer that has the best bets.

  • The protocol server MUST return a list of best bets that belong to the keyword consumer whose identifier is in the element consumerGpId of the request message, filtered according to elements filter and value.

  • If the value of the consumerGpId element does not correspond to a valid site identifier, the protocol server MUST return an empty best bet list.

  • If the value element of the request message is NULL, the protocol server MUST apply no filtering to the best bet list, in the same way it would if filter had the value BestBetFilter.None.

  • On error, the protocol server MUST return a FaultException<ExceptionDetail> error message.