Keyword Query

An implementation of the SharePoint Search Keyword Syntax MUST interpret query as a sequence of property expressions interchanging with text expressions. Property expression is used to specify matching rules on named properties of crawled items. Text expression is used to specify matching rules on the text of items. The protocol server MUST include the item in the list of search results when every property and text expression matches the item. The protocol server MUST NOT include an item in the list of results otherwise.

The query MUST NOT be longer than an implementation-defined number of Unicode characters. This length limit MUST be greater than 1024 characters.

This is the top-level element of the grammar:

 keyword-query = [*ws property-expression [*ws and-operator]] *(*ws text-expression [*ws and-operator] *ws property-expression [*ws and-operator]) *ws text-expression *ws
 keyword-query =/ [*ws text-expression [*ws and-operator]] *(*ws property-expression [*ws and-operator] *ws text-expression [*ws and-operator]) *ws property-expression *ws