The HighConfidenceResults Table

The HighConfidenceResults table contains high confidence results that apply to the search query. It MUST only be present if the IncludeHighConfidenceResults element in the QueryPacket element of the QueryEx message was present and set to true. It MUST have one row per high confidence result, and it MUST have the following columns:

  • Title

  • Url

  • Description

  • HighConfidenceImageURL

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty1

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty2

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty3

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty4

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty5

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty6

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty7

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty8

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty9

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty10

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty11

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty12

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty13

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty14

  • HighConfidenceDisplayProperty15

  • HighConfidenceType

All of these columns are of string type. The Title column MUST contain the title of the high confidence result. This column MUST NOT be empty. The URL column MUST contain a valid URL that points to the high confidence result. This column MUST NOT be empty. The Description column SHOULD contain a description of the high confidence result. The HighConfidenceImageUrl column SHOULD contain the URL of a picture that represents the high confidence result. The HighConfidenceType column MUST contain the type of the high confidence result. It MUST NOT be empty. The possible value for this column is defined by the search administrator. The use of all other columns is up to the search administrator.