The GroupDescription complex type contains details about a group (2). It has the following schema:

 <s:complexType name="GroupDescription">
     <s:extension base="s:string">
       <s:attribute name="ID" type="s:int" use="required"/>
       <s:attribute name="Name" type="s:string" use="required"/>
       <s:attribute name="Description" type="s:string" use="required"/>
       <s:attribute name="OwnerID" type="s:int" use="required"/>
       <s:attribute name="OwnerIsUser" type="tns:TrueFalseType" use="required"/>

ID: Specifies the group (2) identifier in site membership.

Name: Specifies the name of the group (2).

Description: Specifies the description of the group (2).

OwnerID: Specifies the unique identifier of the user (or the group (2)) controlling this group (2) membership.

OwnerIsUser: true if the owner is an individual, and false if the owner is a group (2).