PerformancePoint Services

The protocols in the following table enable PerformancePoint Services in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.

Protocol name


Short name

PerformancePoint Services Authoring Service Protocol

Describes a Web service that enables reading, writing, and performing basic operations on dashboards that are hosted on a protocol server. The methods of this protocol center mainly on the ability to author and edit such dashboards.


PerformancePoint Services Decomposition Tree Protocol

Allows a protocol client to perform contribution analysis on a data value by using a data source or data source context that is known to the protocol server. This protocol allows a protocol client to retrieve either grouped, named actions that apply to a specific data value or named properties and values that are associated with that node, and to then retrieve additional values that contribute to the value. The protocol server returns data points and provides or denies summary data for the data points that it does not return.


PerformancePoint Services Application Server Protocol

Identifies the communications used between PerformancePoint Services on a front-end web server and a back-end server (2) storing business intelligence metadata.


Audit and Control Management Server Audit Web Service Protocol

Enables communication between a protocol server that handles audit control features and a protocol client that consumes the web service to implement audit control features of the document control system.