This XML element MUST be provided in the SyncConfig-private-configuration XML element when the SyncConfig-category XML element's value is "iPlanet". This XML element's value, when provided, MUST contain a default-server XML element, default-port XML element, default-login-user XML element, default-ssl-bind XML element and default-sasl-mechanism XML element.

The password for the management agent to use at login time when the synchronization engine is running MUST be supplied by the client in the SyncConfig-encrypted attributes identity attribute as specified in section 2.2.30. The password attribute MUST be supplied as an attribute XML element with the name "password" and the value MUST be the password that corresponds to the account specified in the default-login-user XML element as specified in section

An example of Sun ONE and Netscape Directory Server management agent private configuration:

   <default-login-user>cn=Directory Manager</default-login-user>