The client sends the message BaseObjectSearchRequestMessage to request the Get operation (section The message BaseObjectSearchRequestMessage is defined in [MS-WSTIM] section

The SOAP action value of the message MUST be:


The SOAP header MUST include the element da:IdentityManagementOperation. The element da:IdentityManagementOperation is defined in [MS-WSTIM] section

As an extension to [MS-WSTIM], the SOAP header MUST include the element rm:ResourceReferenceProperty, defined in section

The SOAP body MUST include the element da:BaseObjectSearchRequest. The extension to [MS-WSTIM] of element da:BaseObjectSearchRequest is defined in section

  <wsdl:message name="BaseObjectSearchRequestMessage">
     <wsdl:part name="Body" element="da:BaseObjectSearchRequest"/>
     <wsdl:part name="operationheader" element="da:IdentityManagementOperation"/>

See section 4.2.1 for an example of message BaseObjectSearchRequestMessage.