Model Paths

A Path element that is a child of a sheet element data graphic and whose Name attribute contains the string "_model" is a Model Path.

A Model Path specifies a geometry element data graphic, without any corner rounding applied.

A Model Path is rendered after a corner rounding radius is applied to each corner when diagram update is performed.

A Model Path MUST have a Visibility property defined as "Collapsed".

A Model Path MUST have a Tag attribute with an xsd:double ([XMLSCHEMA2] section 3.2.5) value, which specifies the corner rounding radius to be applied to the path before diagram update.

For a CT_Sheet element in the DataGraphic XML Part that has a Rounding attribute whose value is different from "0:65" or "0:98", the corresponding sheet element data graphic MUST contain a Model Path that is specific to each child CT_Geometry element of that CT_Sheet element.