The Versions Table stores information used for object versioning during upgrade operations. The Table is defined using T-SQL syntax, as follows.

 TABLE Versions(
       VersionId                     uniqueidentifier NOT NULL,
       Version                       nvarchar(64) NOT NULL,
       Id                            int IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
       UserName                      nvarchar(255) NULL,
       TimeStamp                     datetime NULL,
       FinalizeTimeStamp             datetime NULL,
       Mode                          int NULL,
       ModeStack                     int NULL,
       Updates                       int NOT NULL DEFAULT((0)),
       Notes                         nvarchar (1024) NULL

VersionId: A GUID that identifies the version.

Version: The actual version string in the format <major>.<minor>.<build>.<iteration> (for example, "").

Id: An integer value that is an SQL identity column.

UserName: A string containing the user name adding or updating the version.

TimeStamp: A time stamp in UTC format indicating when the version was added or updated.

FinalizeTimeStamp: A time stamp in UTC format indicating when the upgrade to the version was completed.

Mode: An integer value indicating the type of upgrade used. The following values are valid.




In-place upgrade: Upgrading an existing instance in place.


Side-by-side upgrade: Migrating an instance to another database.


(0x7FFFFFFF) None. Not currently being upgraded or migrated.

ModeStack: A list of Mode values used in sequence to reach the current mode, as when different database types are upgraded in a nested fashion. For example, a farm might upgrade gradually, while a user executes an in-place upgrade on a subset of the data. ModeStack indicates the mode of the child upgrade operation.

Updates: An integer value tracking the number of updates applied to a particular version. This value MUST be initialized to 1 when inserted and incremented each time the version is updated.

Notes: A string containing optional notes associated with the version.