HTTP Document Metadata Result Set

The HTTP Document Metadata Result Set returns the core document metadata, including the effective ACL and anonymous permission mask. This Result Set MUST be returned if the specified document exists.

       {Size}                         int,
       {DocFlags}                     int,
       {FullUrl}                      nvarchar(260),
       {WebId}                        uniqueidentifier,
       {FirstUniqueWebId}             uniqueidentifier,
       {SecurityProvider}             uniqueidentifier,
       {Dirty}                        bit,
       {TimeLastWritten}              datetime,
       {CharSet}                      int,
       {Version}                      int,
       {DocId}                        uniqueidentifier,
       {LeafName}                     nvarchar(128),
       InDocLibrary                   bit,
       IsAttachment                   bit,
       NeedManageListRight            int,
       {SiteFlags}                    int,
       Acl                            image,
       AnonymousPermMask              bigint,
       {ListIdForPermissionCheck}     uniqueidentifier,
       {PermCheckedAgainstUniqueList} int,
       DraftOwnerId                   int,
       ListFlags                      bigint,
       Level                          tinyint,
       {IsCurrentVersion}             bit,
       {Type}                         tinyint,
       {VirusVendorID}                int,
       {VirusStatus}                  int,
       {VirusInfo}                    nvarchar(255),
       {ContentModifiedSince}         bit,
       {ProgId}                       nvarchar(255),
       {DoclibRowId}                  int,
       {Language}                     int,
       {DirName}                      nvarchar(256);

{Size}: The size, in bytes, of the document.

{DocFlags}: A Doc Flags (section value describing the document.

{FullUrl}: The complete store-relative form URL for the requested item.

{WebId}: The Site Identifier (section of the site containing the document.

{FirstUniqueWebId}: The Site Identifier of the site whose security permissions are effective for the site containing the specified document.

{SecurityProvider}: COM CLSID of the security provider for this site. This MUST be NULL for sites using the native security implementation.

{Dirty}: A bit declaring that this document MUST have dependency update processing performed before its stream is returned to an external agent. If this document does not have a content Stream, the value is implementation-dependent and MUST be ignored.

{TimeLastWritten}: The time, in UTC format, when the document content was last modified. This does not necessarily correspond to the actual time when the document was last saved.

{CharSet}: An character set associated with the document. Any windows code page identifier is valid for CharSet. Can be NULL.

{Version}: An integer incremented any time a change is made to this document, used for internal conflict detection.

{DocId}: The document identifier (section of the requested document.

{LeafName}: The leaf name of the requested document.

InDocLibrary: If 1, the document is in a document library; otherwise, it is not.

IsAttachment: If 1, the document is an attachment; otherwise, it is not.

NeedManageListRight: If 1, then the user is required to have the "Manage List" right in order to read the document; otherwise, the user is not.

{SiteFlags}: A Site Collection Flags (section value describing the configuration of the site collection containing the document.

Acl: The binary serialization of the WSS ACL Format (section ACL in effect for the document.

AnonymousPermMask: A WSS Rights Mask (section that indicates the rights granted to a user that is anonymous, or has no specific rights, to this document.

{ListIdForPermissionCheck}: The identifier for the list containing the document. MUST be NULL if this document is not in a list.

{PermCheckedAgainstUniqueList}: MUST be 0.

DraftOwnerId: The identifier for the user who published the document as a draft. This value is non-NULL only if the requested document is a draft version.

ListFlags: A List Flags (section value describing the list that contains the document. If the document is not in a list, the value MUST be 0.

Level: A publishing level value specifying the publishing status of this document.

{IsCurrentVersion}: If set to 1, this is a current version of the document.

{Type}: The Document Store Type (section of this item.

{VirusVendorID}: The identifier of the virus scanner that processed this document. This value MUST be NULL if the document has not been processed by a virus scanner.

{VirusStatus}: The Virus Status (section of the document. This value MUST be NULL if the requested document does not exist or if it has not been processed by a virus scanner.

{VirusInfo}: A string containing a provider-specific message returned by the virus scanner when it last processed the document.

{ContentModifiedSince}: A bit indicating whether the document has been modified, depending on the validation type requested. Set to 1 if any of the following are true: the document is a dynamic document type; the document requires a dependency update; validation type is "None" (0); validation type is "E-tag" (1) and the value of @ClientVersion disagrees with the document version in the store, or the value of @ClientId disagrees with the document identifier in the store; validation type is "Last modified" (2) and the last modification date of the document's copy in the store is more recent than specified in @IfModifiedSince. In all other cases, ContentModifiedSince is set to 0.

{ProgId}: Designates a preferred application to open the document. The ProgId is used to distinguish between different applications that save files with a given file extension (for example, different editors for HTML or XML files). This value MUST be NULL if the parser did not specify a ProgId when the document was saved.

{DoclibRowId}: The document library row identifier for this document.

{Language}: The LCID of the language of the site, which is used to determine the display of the document on the WFE. This parameter can be NULL.

{DirName}: The directory name of the requested document.