The proc_SecChangeToInheritedWeb stored procedure changes a site from having its own unique permissions to instead use the permissions inherited from its nearest ancestor with unique permissions. When a Site is changed to have inherited permissions, all role definitions and fine-grained permissions on its lists and document libraries are reset.

 PROCEDURE proc_SecChangeToInheritedWeb(
       @SiteId                        uniqueidentifier,
       @WebId                         uniqueidentifier

@SiteId: The Site Collection Identifier (section for the site collection containing the site to be changed.

@WebId: The Site Identifier (section for the Site to change to use inherited permissions.

Return Values: The proc_SecChangeToInheritedWeb stored procedure returns an integer return code that MUST be in the following table.




Successful execution.


The Site was not found, the Site does not have unique permissions, or an ancestor Site with unique permissions was not found.

The proc_SecChangeToInheritedWeb stored procedure MUST return two result sets on successful completion. Otherwise no result sets are returned.