Event Receivers Result Set (3)

The Event Receivers Result Set contains information about the event receivers defined for the site containing the specified User Info List. The Event Receivers Result Set MUST be returned when execution is successful to this point, and all the following conditions are met:

  • @WebSiteId contains a valid Site Collection Identifier (section and the site collection has a User Info List

  • The List Identifier (section specified by @ListId, or if @ListId is NULL, the List Identifier of the list at (or that contains) the location specified by @Url doesn’t match the List Identifier for the User Info List

  • @MetadataFlags has the METADATA_USERINFOLIST flag set, or @Url specifies a list or a location within a list

  • @MetadataFlags has the METADATA_USERINFOLIST_FULL flag set

  • @MetadataFlags doesn't have the METADATA_USERINFOLIST_NOFETCH flag set

The Event Receivers Result Set MUST contain one row for each event receiver with an Event Host Type (section of 2 (List) that is registered for the root site of the site collection specified by @WebSiteId.

The Event Receivers Result Set is defined in the Common Result Sets Event Receivers Result Set (section