Document Versions Result Set

The Document Versions Result Set returns version information for a specified document. The Document Versions Result Set MUST only be returned when the specified document has a Document Store type (section of 0. The Document Versions Result Set MUST contain document version information corresponding to publishing levels less than or equal to the specified publishing level, or corresponding to any publishing levels owned by the current user.

       TimeCreated                    datetime,
       Version                        int,
       Size                           int,
       CheckinComment                 nvarchar(1023),
       MetaInfo                       varbinary(max),
       {IsTip}                        bit,
       Level                          tinyint,
       DraftOwnerId                   int;

TimeCreated: A timestamp in UTC format specifying when this document was created.

Version: A counter incremented any time a change is made to this document, used for internal conflict detection.

Size: The number of bytes in the document stream.

CheckinComment: An optional user-provided description used when a document is being checked in or published. This value MUST be NULL for documents that have not been checked in or published.

MetaInfo: A METADICT for the document. The METADICT format is specified in [MS-FPSE] section

{IsTip}: If set to 1, the document is a current version, otherwise it is a historical version.

Level: A Publishing Level type (section value specifying the publishing level of the document.

DraftOwnerId: The user that published this document as a draft. This value is only non-NULL if the document is a draft version. See Publishing Level type (section for more information regarding the different publishing levels.