Content Type Order Result Set

The Content Type Order Result Set provides the information necessary for the implementation-specific rendering of a list View Web page. The information necessary to render the content types in the configured order, if such exists, is provided in a binary array value.

The Content Type Order Result Set MUST return only if @PageView is not NULL, and it will not return if proc_FetchDocForHttpGet returns a code of 1271, indicating that the site collection was locked.

       {CurrentFolderURL}             varchar,
       {MetaInfo}                     varbinary(max)

{CurrentFolderURL}: The URL of the current folder as specified in the @CurrentFolderURL input parameter.

{MetaInfo}: The information about content type order, embedded in a binary array. If no information is available for the current folder, or if there is no current folder specified, or if the document is not contained in a list, then this parameter MUST be NULL and the column is unnamed. Otherwise, the column MUST be named 'MetaInfo'.