The proc_SecGetSecurityInfo stored procedure retrieves security permissions information about a document. The document can be specified using its document identifier or its URL.

 PROCEDURE proc_SecGetSecurityInfo(
       @SiteId                        uniqueidentifier,
       @WebId                         uniqueidentifier,
       @Url                           nvarchar(260), 
       @ThresholdCount                int,
       @DocId                         uniqueidentifier,
       @RequestGuid                   uniqueidentifier = NULL OUTPUT

@SiteId: The Site Collection Identifier (section of the site collection containing the document.

@WebId: The Site Identifier (section of the site (2) containing the document. This parameter MUST be ignored.

@Url: The store-relative form URL for the document. The @Url parameter MUST be NULL to specify the document with the @DocID parameter.

@ThresholdCount: If @Url is a folder and the list (1) does not have more list items than @ThresholdCount, the BigListFolder field in the Security Information Result Set (section MUST be zero.

@DocId: The document identifier of the document. The @DocId parameter MUST be ignored if @Url is not NULL.

@RequestGuid: The optional request identifier for the current request.

Return Values: The proc_SecGetSecurityInfo stored procedure returns an integer return code which MUST be listed in the following table.




Successful execution.


The document was not found.

The proc_SecGetSecurityInfo stored procedure MUST return a single Security Information Result Set (section upon successful execution, or no result sets if the document is not found.