List Flags

The List Flags is a 4-byte unsigned integer bit mask that provides metadata about the list (1), which can have one or more flags set. List Flags identify an implementation-specific capability. The only valid values of List Flags are as follows.




This list (1) is an "ordered list" (for example, a Links List) and supports ordering and reordering of its items.


This list (1) is a "public list". This bit MUST be ignored.


This list (1) is "undeletable" (that is, it is crucial to the functioning of the containing site or site collection).


Attachments on list items are disabled. This bit MUST be set if the list (1) is a document library or survey.


This list (1) is a "catalog" (for example, a Web Part gallery or master page gallery).


This list (1) is associated with a site using the meetings workspace site template and contains data scoped to each instance of a recurring meeting.


This list (1) MUST send alerts when a list item is assigned to a user.


This list (1) has versioning enabled, and supports creating historical versions of list items when changes occur. This bit MUST be ignored for Lists with a List Base Type of survey.


This list (1) MUST be hidden from enumeration functions. This is intended for lists implementing infrastructure for an application.


This list (1) is configured to bring up a page to fill out a form to request access from the owner when a user is denied access while browsing its list items.


This list (1) has moderation enabled, requiring an approval process when content is created or modified.


If this list (1) is a survey, it will allow multiple responses for a given user rather than restricting users to a single response. This flag MUST be ignored for lists that do not have a List Base Type of survey.


This list (1) uses the value of each field's ForcedDisplay attribute when presenting data from that field. This is commonly used in anonymous surveys to display common placeholder text wherever the respondent's name would normally appear.


This list (1) MUST NOT be serialized as part of saving this site as a site template.


The List Server Template (section for this list (1) can only be instantiated in the root site of a given site collection.


When a List Server Template is being created for this list (1), documents in the root of the list can also be serialized.


Insertion of list items via email is enabled for this list (1).


This is a "private" list. When a List Server Template based on this list (1) is created, the new list can be given an ACL so that only its owner and administrators can access the list.


This list (1) has had its schema customized from the version that exists in the on-disk schema file that was used to create it.


This enables to explicitly map a document property to a specific column.