Discover Request Types

One section follows for each of the enumerated request types. The title of each section is the name of the request type. Each section describes the request, specifies the restrictions, and specifies the columns in the rowset that is returned by the server.

Restrictions allow clients to filter Discover responses to only those that match the restriction. The client is responsible for ensuring restrictions are valid. For the columns that can be restricted on, only a single restriction is supported.

Restrictions might apply unless specifically stated otherwise in the description for a specific Discover request type. If any restrictions have default values, they will be explained for the specific Discover request type.

A Discover response can also contain an exception within the response if the server encounters an exception condition. For more information about the types that are allowed, see section

For many schema rowsets, the result is sorted. When the indication is that the result is sorted by a particular column, the sort is by ascending order.