The IAppHostPathMapper interface provides methods that are called by the server implementation when the server informs the client about hierarchy mapping decisions.

To receive incoming remote calls for this interface, the client MUST implement a UUID (e7927575-5cc3-403b-822e-328a6b904bee). It MUST then specify an object that implements this interface to the IAppHostAdminManager::SetMetadata() method with a bstrMetadataName of "pathMapper".

As an administration system maps hierarchy paths to physical paths on the server, it optionally calls this client-supplied object that implements the IAppHostPathMapper interface. The implementer of this interface receives details of all mappings and can change the results of each mapping if required.

The IAppHostPathMapper interface inherits opnums 0–2 from the IUnknown interface.

Methods in RPC Opnum Order




Opnum: 3