IMSMQTransaction3 Interface

The IMSMQTransaction3 interface provides methods that return information about the queue manager on a specific server. IMSMQTransaction3 inherits opnums 0 through 11 from the IMSMQTransaction2 interface (section The version number for this interface is 1.0.

To receive incoming remote calls for this interface, the server MUST implement a DCOM object class with the CLSID {d7d6e080-dccd-11d0-aa4b-0060970debae} (coclass MSMQTransaction as specified in section 1.9), which implements the IMSMQTransaction3 interface using the UUID {eba96b13-2168-11d3-898c-00e02c074f6b}.

Methods in RPC Opnum Order



ITransaction, get ITransaction

Returns the ITransaction interface on the underlying transaction object.

Opnum: 12