IMSMQTransactionDispenser3 Interface

The IMSMQTransactionDispenser3 interface provides methods that enable transaction processing. The version number for this interface is 1.0.

There are two previous versions of this interface: IMSMQTransactionDispenser and IMSMQTransactionDispenser2. These previous versions are nearly identical but contain one fewer method. All differences from previous versions are described in the Windows behavior notes in the method descriptions that follow.

To receive incoming remote calls for this interface, the server MUST implement a DCOM object class with the CLSID {d7d6e084-dccd-11d0-aa4b-0060970debae} (coclass MSMQTransactionDispenser, as specified in section 1.9), which implements the IMSMQTransactionDispenser3 interface using the UUID {eba96b15-2168-11d3-898c-00e02c074f6b}.

The following opnum table begins at opnum 7. Opnums 0 through 2 are inherited from the IUnknown interface, as specified in [MS-DCOM] section Opnums 3 through 6 are inherited from the IDispatch interface, as specified in [MS-OAUT] section 3.1.4.

Methods in RPC Opnum Order




Initiates a new internal transaction and returns an IMSMQTransaction3 object that represents the underlying newly created transaction.<23>

Opnum: 7

Properties, get Properties

This method is not implemented.<24>

Opnum: 8