IMSMQPrivateEvent Interface

The IMSMQPrivateEvent interface provides methods for internal communication between the MSMQEvent and the MSMQQueue to which it was registered through the MSMQQueue::EnableNotification method. The version for this interface is 1.0.

This interface is not required for client/server communication and is therefore optional.<89>

To receive incoming remote calls for this interface, the server MUST implement a DCOM object class with the CLSID {d7d6e07a-dccd-11d0-aa4b-0060970debae} (coclass MSMQEvent, as specified in section 1.9), which implements the IMSMQPrivateEvent interface using the UUID {d7ab3341-c9d3-11d1-bb47-0080c7c5a2c0}.

The following opnum table begins at opnum 7. Opnums 0 through 2 are inherited from the IUnknown interface, as specified in [MS-DCOM] section Opnums 3 through 6 are inherited from the IDispatch interface, as specified in [MS-OAUT] section 3.1.4.

Methods in RPC Opnum Order



Hwnd, get Hwnd

Returns a pointer to a LONG.

Opnum: 7


Provides notification of the arrival of a Message.

Opnum: 8


Provides notification of an arrival error, such as the expiry of the receive time-out.

Opnum: 9