2.2.4 HTTP Client Message Header

The HTTP Client Message Header is an HTTP header [RFC2616] that results from resolving the following client_context_header ABNF rule [RFC2234].

 client_context_header = lws "Cookie" lws ":"
                         *(any-nv ";") lws
                         lws *(";" any-nv) 
 any-nv         = lws token lws "=" lws (token / quoted-string) lws
 lws            =  *(%x0D.0A / %x09 / %x20)    ; CRLF, space, or tab

This is a new header which does not have any relation with the "Cookie" header as described in [RFC2109] and [RFC2965].

The rules token and quoted-string of this grammar are specified in [RFC2616] section 2.2.

The context_nv rule MUST resolve to a CONTEXT_NV literal.

For a context identifier and an HTTP Client Message Header to be isomorphic, the context_nv rule MUST resolve to a value that is isomorphic to the context identifier, as specified in CONTEXT_NV.