The LDAP_SERVER_UPDATE_STATS_OID control can be used with any LDAP operation. When sending this control to the DC, the controlValue field of the Control structure is omitted.

When the server receives a request with the LDAP_SERVER_UPDATE_STATS_OID control attached to it, the server includes a response control in the response that contains statistics. The controlType field of the returned Control structure is set to the OID of the LDAP_SERVER_UPDATE_STATS_OID control. The controlValue field is included in the returned Control structure.

The returned controlValue field is the BER encoding of the following ASN.1 structure:

 UpdateStatsResponseValue ::= SEQUENCE OF SEQUENCE {
     statID       LDAPOID
     statValue    OCTET STRING

where statID is an OID that corresponds to a specific statistic name, and statValue is a value related to that statistic. Each statistic specifies an encoding for its value.

The following table specifies the statistics that a DC MUST return. A DC MAY return other implementation-defined statistics. No other statistics are returned by DCs in applicable Windows Server releases.

Statistic name

OID (specified by statID)

Highest USN Allocated


Invocation ID Of Server